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About Me

  My Story:

Carmen Torres 2x Cancer Survivor                       why Inspirational Life Coach?

My inspiration to become a Inspirational life coach began when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2003 and diagnosed again for the second time in October 2020. Being the first in my family to get that kind of diagnoses and not having any direction as to where to go next was very challenging for me.  I also saw myself wanting to help others that were facing the same situation that I was. It empowered me to make a difference. That situation inspired me to motivate and help others, it gave me the desire to live and see all the good things life has to offer even when it looked impossible to move forward. I always say, When life throws a curve at us, we just have to remain faithful and endure”.  I realized it was not just about me. God was preparing me for something greater. I became a better listener, more compassionate, and used my ability to inspire others to improve in many ways, especially to be able to move to the next level. By encouraging, motivating and promoting self-awareness that will lead to change I believe individuals can attain their full potential. I can honestly say with pure sincerity, I absolutely love my life and love being able to give someone else hope. In addition, I am looking forward to helping people embrace change and learn that you can create your own reality. As for me now, I am Living a Blissful Life……….   


Inspirational Life Coach

Quantum Success Coaching Academy

Coaching Success -Transform Destiny

Hypnotherapy - Transform Destiny


American Union of NLP


Certified Law of Attraction 

Basic Practitioner

Global Science Foundation


Additional Certifications & Courses

The Abundance Principal Course Quantum Success


Meditation Guide

Natural Healer

Carmen Torres-Livingablissfullife

I teach people how to deliberately create the life that they desire, by them taking action to achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals.

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