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Testimonial-What some client’s had to say

Carmen had a tremendous positive effect on me and my state of mind throughout my entire session. 

I will forever be grateful to her. I feel much lighter in the sense of my well–being and totally in control of making wise and positive decisions in my daily walk in life.   Carmen’s ability to touch people’s hearts and minds to be better and positive human beings is extraordinary.  I highly recommend her to everyone.  I’m happy and I thank you for sending her to me.



Boca Raton, FL 

Carmen is an angel! When I came to Carmen I was angry, bitter, sad, and overall a mess! Carmen has taught me self-love, positivity, and how to focus on my dreams. I am able to love my self, have true happiness, forgive people with all of my heart, and overcome any obstacle life may throw at me. When I mastered the power of positivity nothing but great things came in my divine timing. Thank you Carmen for all that you’ve done and all that you do!


Chicago, IL

It is a pleasure working with Carmen. I have been very happy with Carmen’s intuitive thoughts, her authenticity and her ability to get to the root of my current issue or block. What I have learned from Carmen about the Law of Attraction through various processes has been an eye opening experience and has helped me connect with my divine. I would highly recommend Carmen as a Life Coach.

Amy Wilhelm

Bowling Green, Ohio

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